Capturing the Soul of Appalachia: Anne Asplin's Watercolor Reflections

Capturing the Soul of Appalachia: Anne Asplin's Watercolor Reflections

Capturing the Soul of Appalachia: Anne Asplin's Watercolor Reflections

Anne Asplin, a visual artist residing in Candler, NC, welcomes you into her wonder and awe of the Blue Ridge Mountains through her watercolor work.  Her artistic journey began at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she delved into Art Foundations before continuing her exploration at The University of Montana. There, she earned her B.F.A., majoring in photography and art criticism while minoring in Native American Studies. Notably, she clinched the President’s Award for her remarkable outdoor sculpture, “She Who Speaks with the Wind.”

Sunrise Rainbow, 4”x8”, $70

Venturing beyond the realm of art, Anne pursued a BA in Accounting with a minor in business management, navigating through diverse business landscapes. However, her heart yearned for the solace found in creativity, leading her back to her true passion.  In her interview with Artsville, Anne shared how interconnected so many events have been in her life all leading back to breathing her creative voice into the world.

Amid life's uncertainties, Anne finds solace in the serene embrace of nature and its ever-changing seasons, which serve as inspiration for her artwork. Initially drawn to photography, she later found herself captivated by the ethereal beauty of watercolor, embracing its unpredictable nature as a perfect mirror to the mysteries of the natural world.

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In her artistic pursuit, Anne seeks to encapsulate the essence of the places she has encountered, with a particular focus on the Appalachian Mountains. While the beauty of these mountains is not fleeting, there are moments of the mist sitting in the valleys, fresh snowfall, or the light of a particular sunset that stops Anne in her tracks to grab the lens and capture the moment to later try to recreate in her studio. Through the delicate strokes of watercolors and gouache, she invites viewers to immerse themselves in the enchanting allure of nature, evoking a sense of wonder and tranquility.

You can find Anne’s work on her website or connect with her through Instagram.