Artsville Launches Podcast #27 Revealing the Career Paths of Talented Young Artists Elizabeth Walton and Amy Massey

Artsville Launches Podcast #27 Revealing the Career Paths of Talented Young Artists Elizabeth Walton and Amy Massey

Artsville had the pleasure of speaking with two emerging artists, Elizabeth Walton and Amy Massey, fresh “graduates” of Artsville's First Virtual Gallery of Artists cohort program. Elizabeth and Amy are testament to the program's success in nurturing emerging artistic talent and fostering entrepreneurial skills in the realm of art. One additional benefit for these two creatives is that they have now become close friends.

Metalsmith Elizabeth Walton

Elizabeth Walton, a skilled metalsmith with a penchant for jewelry design, inherited a studio and transformed it into the heart of her practice.

“I feel like, it’s really been a lot of very generous mentors in life that have introduced me to their friends that have become mentors as well. I started out as a kid making jewelry, and I had a relative who really took me under his wing. He was a fine jeweler and he actually passed away about a year and a half ago, and I inherited about half of his studio. That has opened a ton of doors for me because often, it's hard to come by the tools for metalsmithing, because they're very specific. And I've been given not only the tools but these tools with such a rich legacy.” — Elizabeth Walton [0:05:36]

Through the conversation, Elizabeth shares insights into her design process, revealing how nature serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her creations.

Hydrangea Puff Necklace and Earrings by Elizabeth Walton

Amy Massey, on the other hand, is a multidimensional artist and massage therapist, blending art and bodywork seamlessly. She opens up about her sources of inspiration and the unique fusion of art and therapy that defines her work.

“One of the most significant things about being a massage therapist for me is just holding space, in creating an environment, in which my clients feel safe enough to kind of reflect on their own bodies, and create their own healing, and noticing the subtle changes going on in their bodies, and just bringing a nurturing energy to it all. I think that all of those are things that I bring to my painting as well.” — Amy Massey [0:11:16]
“Nourish and Move” by Amy Massey

The Virtual Gallery of Artists program has been valuable in shaping their careers, offering unique lessons and networking opportunities. Both Elizabeth and Amy delve into the program's impact on their artistic journeys, emphasizing the importance of self-promotion and navigating the competitive art market without traditional gallery representation.

“[The Virtual Gallery of Artists program] experience, both having someone market on my behalf and learning more about marketing, has been really impactful through the virtual gallery.” — Elizabeth Walton [0:09:59]

The conversation highlights the challenges and triumphs of pursuing a career in the arts, from juggling multiple jobs to finding creative avenues for marketing and exposure. Despite the obstacles, Elizabeth and Amy exude passion and determination, embodying the resilience of artists in Asheville's vibrant cultural landscape.

Artist Amy Massey
“For me, art is something that really makes me feel like myself and is a vital part of my life, and my connection to things.” — Amy Massey [0:08:22]

As Artsville looks to the future, the prospects for artists like Elizabeth and Amy are undeniably bright. With their talent, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, they are poised to continue making waves not only in Asheville but in the wider artistic community. Tune in to our episode #27 to gain insights into their journeys and the exciting evolution of the arts scene in Asheville and beyond.

Episode 27 with Elizabeth Walton and Amy Massey

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