Artsville Tells All: What We Learned From You in 2022

Artsville's staff shares their personal takeaways from a year of art-focused podcasts, exhibitions, blogs, and more.

Artsville Tells All: What We Learned From You in 2022

A message from Artsville Founder Louise Glickman.

Building Artsville USA with my husband artist Daryl Slaton and our Crewest/LA partner Scott Power has challenged me to learn a broad “palette”of new skills. More than bringing marketing skills to the forefront, and along with the talents of team-members Jenna Eberhardt and Kelly Saunders, we have taken the showing and selling of art to new directions supported by promotion, programs and events for art enthusiasts. Team-building exercises this past month have allowed quality time for our team to acknowledge Artsville’s successes as well as what and where we might better serve the art audiences in Asheville and beyond. For sure, we need to expand beyond focusing on art alone and move towards demystifying how to buy art. What grooves and moves an art enthusiast to like something enough to purchase it? How does this impact a business such as Artsville as we serve our artists and creative communities? Stay tuned.

2022 Takeaways with Artsville’s Team

“Art is so much more than individual exhibits of beauty. Artsville has demonstrated that art is one of life’s essential connectors, as its artists have shared their stories and learned from each other through its podcasts, events, exhibitions, blogs, and more. This year, Artsville will break down even more boundaries, helping artists expand their audiences and educating art enthusiasts. I’ve learned so much this year from my fellow creatives—whose art shows us the world through other perspectives—about art, marketing, business, and bravery.” — Kelly Saunders

“Creating and sharing art is vulnerable. As a painter who is often hesitant to share my art, I've learned from working with the Artsville emerging artists that once you get past the nerves, there is so much reward that comes from sharing your work. Making art can be more than a personal process of joy—it can be a business. That’s where Artsville’s programming comes in, and I’m excited to continue to support and learn from artists in 2023!” — Jenna Eberhardt

“Crewest’s partnership with Artsville has helped build and strengthen our audience reach on both coasts. We share a common set of values and goals as we commit to helping artists tell their stories and promote their work on our podcasts, online exhibitions, art blogs and more. More importantly, we love what we’re doing and working together, so we’re enthusiastic about 2023 and expanding our efforts to help build awareness for these artists worldwide.” — Scott “Sourdough” Power

“Artsville has given me the opportunity to test market my art and to interact with buyers and viewers of it. This has helped me refine the way my art is presented and has helped direct my future endeavors.” — Daryl Slaton

Artsville, as a collective and community, has brought me new perspectives on art and artists. Who makes it, who sells it, who buys it and why? Our programming has equipped artists to market for themselves and for some, this has been their first full scale experience with showing and selling their work professionally. Artsville has been a testing ground for me as I’ve immersed myself in new areas: curating, exhibiting, coordinating and building Artsville as a business. My takeaways: I’m blessed with friendship and fulfillment, and am grateful for all of you that have supported us in 2022.” — Louise Glickman