Artsville’s First Virtual Gallery CoHort Launches!

Artsville's first cohort for their Virtual Gallery launches with nine artists in a wide variety of mediums. The experience offers more than exposure, and connects art lovers and artists across WNC.

Artsville’s First Virtual Gallery CoHort Launches!
Various Mugs - Candice Hensley

Nine Artists Launch on October 15th

This month Artsville embarks on a captivating journey into the realm of art as we proudly introduce our first exceptional group of nine virtual gallery artists. Each one possesses a unique creative spark that's set to ignite your senses and leave an indelible mark on your art-loving heart. Allow us to introduce you to these talented individuals: Amy Massey, Candice Hensley, Elizabeth Walton, Georgia Deal, Jean McLaughlin, Joseph Pearson, Selene Plum, and Wendy Newman. These artists represent a spectrum of mediums, encompassing everything from exquisite jewelry and beautifully crafted ceramics to breathtaking printmaking, vibrant oil painting, and the rich textures of hot wax artistry.

An Artist’s Journey

This journey will grant our audience invaluable insight into their creative processes, unveil the narratives that fuel their work, and provide information on how to acquire these breathtaking pieces for your own collection. It's not just about seeing art; it's about experiencing it in all its rich, diverse glory. Each of our featured artists brings their own unique perspective, skill set, and wellspring of inspiration to the gallery, ensuring an immersive experience for all art enthusiasts. This is a unique opportunity to explore the convergence of multiple artistic worlds under one virtual roof.

Grooming the Future - Joseph Pearson

Our virtual gallery offers more than just exposure on our website and social media.  We also strive to help educate and equip our artists to continue marketing themselves and their creations well.  We are thrilled to announce that renowned artist and educator, Kenn Kotara, will be leading an exclusive workshop entitled "Intentionality: Identity and Marketing Tools To Communicate Your Brand." We are ecstatic about this unique chance for our artists to learn from such a respected figure in the art world. To discover more about Kenn, please visit his website.

Kenn Kotara

Want to be One of Our Artists?

For further information and to stay updated on the latest news about our virtual gallery and the incredible featured artists, be sure to visit our website at [your website link]. Don't miss this captivating celebration of art, where creativity knows no bounds and the possibilities are as endless as the artist's imagination. Interested in joining our next cohort in January 2024? Apply here.

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