Asheville - A Destination for All: Edgy, Artsy, and Inviting with Marla Tambellini

Asheville - A Destination for All: Edgy, Artsy, and Inviting with Marla Tambellini

Discover the magic of Asheville with its vibrant arts scene and beyond on the Artsville Podcast! Join us as host Louise Glickman speaks with Marla Tambellini, Senior VP of Marketing at Explore Asheville as she retires after almost 30 years as a masterful spokesperson and marketer, especially for the arts. Marla shares why our city is a top-notch tourist destination, and explores the special blend of food, music, and art that sets Asheville apart. It’s a riveting combination that has existed in Asheville long before it became the edgy, hip destination that it is today.

Marla Tambellini
“If you drew a circle around Asheville with a 100-mile radius, you would be able to tell the entire history of arts, from the ancient predecessor to the native Cherokee to what has evolved today, which is any combination of makers, elevated art objects, and upcycling of things to make wondrous, beautiful, magical art pieces.” — Marla Tambellini [0:05:51]
Explore Asheville

Learn about local attractions, economic development initiatives, and how Explore Asheville supports the community, and be sure to listen in for a captivating look into what makes Asheville truly one-of-a-kind!

Artsville Podcast: Episode 24 with Marla Tambellini

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The significance of arts and crafts in Asheville and why it's integral to the visitor economy.
  • Asheville’s eclectic community and the vibrancy that draws people in.
  • Strategic ways that Explore Asheville promotes economic development.
  • Insight into the profile of visitors that Asheville attracts.
  • How Explore Asheville champions local artists and elevates art organizations.
  • The unique creative spirit that draws people to Asheville.
  • Learn how to apply for Artsville’s Virtual Gallery of Artists!

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