Building Artist Brands: An Artsville Partnership Story with Scott "Sourdough" Power & Louise Glickman [Ep 22]

Scott “Sourdough” Power's unique vision for building artist brands is moving the needle in the art world. Tune in to learn about his multimedia art projects and future aspirations!

Building Artist Brands: An Artsville Partnership Story with Scott "Sourdough" Power & Louise Glickman [Ep 22]

Discover how "building artist brands" is a keystone in the journey of Asheville becoming Artsville! Today's episode explores this through an exciting dialogue with Louise Glickman, the Artsville Founder, and Scott "Sourdough" Power, an actuary for artists' global stories.

How did Asheville become Artsville? The magic is in our partnerships! Together with our collaborators, we’re able to promote the work of emerging and established artists from our respective regions to an ever-growing audience. Today’s guest is one of those collaborators and someone who is deeply committed to helping artists build their brands and share their stories with other artists and art lovers across the world. In this episode, Artsville Founder and Director Louise Glickman steps into the host’s seat and turns the mic on our regular host, Artsville Producer, and the Founder of Crewest Studio and Not Real Art, Scott “Sourdough” Power! Tune in today to learn more about Scott’s vision for the art world, the incredible multimedia projects that he’s involved in creating, and how he strives to “spread the good news” for artists and craftspeople in Artsville and beyond, plus so much more.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Scott’s vision to build a success-driven community of artists and art lovers.
  • Crewest Studio, Not Real Art, and the podcasts, videos, events, and publications they create.
  • How Scott funds all of these incredible ventures (and a sneak peek of Arterial.)
  • A look at Art House, an upcoming “home improvement show with an artsy spin!”
  • What you can expect from Not Real Art, Crewest, and Artsville in 2024 and beyond.
  • Scott flips the script and asks Louise a question about podcasting.
  • How you can connect with Scott and support everything he is doing for artists.
Louise Glickman creative process