Elle Tracey: Celebrating Fluidity and Evolution in Art

Elle Tracey: Celebrating fluidity and evolution in art. Explore her transformative work at artsvilleusa.com.

Elle Tracey: Celebrating Fluidity and Evolution in Art

This featured artist is part of Artsville's Virtual Gallery of Art spring cohort. Participants benefit from three months of marketing and mentorship to educate and equip them to continue to pursue their craft. Witness their creations firsthand at the Artsville exhibit at the Ferguson Family YMCA in Candler until May 31. Additionally, explore their crafts at Craft in the Courtyard on Thursday, April 25, from 5-7 pm, located at 18 Brook Street in Biltmore Village. This event is co-hosted by Artsville, Wink Salon, Further Boutique, and FIG Bistro.

Elle Tracey, a visual artist residing in Asheville, explores the intricate interplay between the human body and the ever-changing natural world through her captivating paintings and drawings. Having earned her BFA from Mills College in 2015, Tracey embarked on a seven-year journey in the creative hub of the Bay Area before settling in Asheville to dedicate herself fully to her artistic pursuits. With a profound blend of figurative subjects and abstracted organic elements, Tracey's work delves into the realms of femininity, queer identity, and the perpetual flux of existence.

Elle Tracey

Tracey's creations, such as "Bloom," "Cascade," "Curve," "Entwined," "Illuminate," and "Stretch," are visual symphonies that depict figures in states of transformation. Each piece masterfully incorporates organic motifs, serving as potent symbols of the constant evolution and renewal inherent in human identity.  In an interview with Artsville, Tracey spoke of how she loves to see the organic elements breakfree of the boundaries of both the human body and our collective assumptions.  The juxtaposition of not being confined to a traditional figurative design and doing all of her work with a single #2 pencil in order to push her skills to the limit is fascinating.

In her artwork, Tracey celebrates queerness as a catalyst for embracing fluidity and self-discovery. She confronts the societal impulse to confine individuals within rigid cultural constructs, advocating instead for the joyful acceptance of change and growth as natural phenomena.  "Claws," a striking piece rendered in colored pencil, graphite, and raw pigment, stands as a testament to Tracey's artistic prowess and conceptual depth. With its intricate composition and evocative symbolism, this piece invites viewers to contemplate the complex interconnections between identity, transformation, and empowerment.

Tracey's artistic vision extends beyond the confines of the canvas; it embodies a call to action for conscious evolution and interconnectedness. By embracing fluidity and embracing the constant ebb and flow of life, she believes that individuals can forge authentic connections with themselves, their communities, and the planet.

“Dripping” by Elle Tracey

To experience Elle Tracey's transformative artwork firsthand, visit her website at www.elletracey.com, explore her portfolio on Saatchi Art at www.saatchiart.com/elletracey, or connect with her on Instagram. For inquiries and collaborations, contact Elle Tracey at elle.tracey.hird@gmail.com.