Elle Tracey

Artist Bio:

Elle Tracey is a visual artist who creates paintings and drawings exploring the body as living art in constant flux. Blending figurative subjects with abstracted organic elements, her work is inspired by cultural perception of femininity and queer identity in relation to the infinite variation and constant evolution within the natural world. Tracey received her BFA from Mills College in 2015. She lived in the Bay Area, working in the creative industry, for the next seven years before moving to Asheville, where she now resides, to focus on her artistic practice.

Artist Statement:

Tracey’s work depicts figures in states of transformation, incorporating organic elements to represent that our identities naturally exist in a state of constant evolution and renewal. In a society that seeks to categorize and cement humans within damagingly limiting social and cultural frameworks, Tracey celebrates queerness as a spark that empowers people to embrace the fluidity of their identities, beliefs, and values in all aspects of life and take agency over their authentic selves. Embracing constant change and growth as natural creates tangible proof that new ways of structuring and relating to ourselves, our communities, and the world around us are not just possible but joyful and fulfilling, and can inspire us all to consciously evolve as a species in the ways that we connect to one another and the planet.