Gail Powell

My paintings are inspired by nature. I paint to explore the visual, spiritual, and the sense of place. I seek to evoke the feeling of what I felt when I first became interested in the subject by my use of color, light and forms.

Gail Powell has loved art and artists since her first grade art teacher introduced the class to the wonders of art through images from the National Gallery of Art.

Gail received her degree in Art Education from Edinboro University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Since then, she has taught in public schools, given private art lessons, and participated in many art shows and festivals around the country.

Gail has enjoyed living in different areas: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Delaware, Washington, and Hawaii, and New Mexico.  She has been involved in art/artist groups and galleries in each location and each place has influenced her art and creativity. The uniqueness of each place has a different spirit and she tries to translate that feeling into the paintings she completes while living there. The ever evolving skies and mountains of the Southwest inspired her while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Moving from there to North Carolina was such a contrast and for a long time, she simply marveled at all the green here; beautiful green trees and seemingly miles of meadows of lush green.

Gail enjoys painting in solitude. Each work presents a unique challenge to be true to herself and create images that represent the beauty she sees in the world. Gail strives to explore harmony, light, color, and the connection of inward life and outward nature.