January Roundup: Artful Insights - Auctions and Storytelling with Lauren Brunk, Art in Hotels in a *new* Travelogue, Cynthia Llanes Exhibit, and MORE

Discover the latest in the arts scene with Artsville! From Kenn Kotara's marketing insights to VGA Spring 2024 applications and podcast Episode 26's auction stories. Experience the vibrant watercolor landscapes of Cynthia Llanes at the Ferguson Family YMCA. Engage in a world of creativity!

January Roundup: Artful Insights - Auctions and Storytelling with Lauren Brunk, Art in Hotels in a *new* Travelogue, Cynthia Llanes Exhibit, and MORE
Kenn Kotara presents VGA Marketing Tips and Tricks Class on January 13 2024

Our Fall 2023 class of Virtual Gallery Artists gathered for our final program of their three month session this past Saturday at the Center for Craft. Renowned artist and teacher, Kenn Kotara, led us through a brief but intensive course on key points that artists need to consider when “branding” themselves.

Louise Glickman and Stephanie Moore (Center for Craft) at Saturday’s Event

The selection of artists to be a part of Artsville’s Virtual Gallery of Artists’ (VGA) spring 2024 program begins with a simple application process. Nine talented individuals receive three months of free professional marketing and promotional exposure through a variety of platforms, gaining branding experience to further their creative careers in arts and crafts. Reflecting a variety of mediums, experience, age and backgrounds, this cohort engages in a range of networking and programming opportunities through Artsville’s digital exhibition space, a pop up exhibit, networking events, studio tours and professional marketing support to learn how to excel and advance their careers. Apply here!

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New Episode of Artsville’s “Award Winning” Podcast

Artsville’s Podcast

In Episode 26, Lauren Brunk, Senior VP of Brunk Auctions, explores the profound impact of auctions beyond selling art, viewing each object as a narrative opportunity. The episode emphasizes auctions as a storytelling medium and raises questions about values and societal perspectives. The conversation explores the relationship between auction houses and museums, highlighting collectors' role in artists' careers. It educates on the secondary art market, its evolution, and the response to the pandemic with virtual sales. Overall, Brunk provides a comprehensive guide to the multifaceted world of auctions and their broader impact on art and culture. Listen Here.

Lauren Brunk at Brunk Auctions
Lauren Brunk at Brunk Auctions with Marilyn Monroe Piece
Episode 26

Artsville Presents Watercolorist Cynthia Llanes’ Landscapes Exhibited: Saturday, January 13 - Sunday, March 3

The Land of the Sky by Cynthia Llanes Watercolor/18”hx22”w/$345

Artsville exhibits the expressionistic landscapes of local artist Cynthia Llanes at the Ferguson Family YMCA in Candler. “Fluid Expressions” celebrates the sheer joy and excitement that watercolor brings to the creative process, offering insight into the unique characteristics of this medium from the skilled hands of this exceptional painter. The exhibit invites viewers to revel in the joy of watercolor and its uncanny ability to capture subtle nuances in landscapes. Llanes will also present her work in person and offer demos, allowing spirited conversation on her art and inspired love of nature. Enjoy her Art Talk at the Ferguson Y on Monday, February 5th from 10:30-11:30 am. 31 Westridge Market Place, Candler NC 28715 or call 828-575-2940.

Artful Adventures: Unveiling Hidden Treasures - Art in Hotels from New York to Asheville

In another installment of artistic exploration, Louise Glickman and her artist husband, Daryl Slaton, travel to discover the rich art, history, and heritage of various cities. Celebrating their wedding anniversary in New York City at Le Gratin in The Beekman Hotel, they explore the unique space with its Queen Anne style and captivating art collection that invites guests to immerse themselves in history. Back in Asheville, hotels like the Grand Bohemian and Kimpton Hotel Arras showcase unique art collections, while The Grove Park Inn, steeped in tradition, offers a stroll through history with paintings, sculptures, and craftsman-style furniture. Travel, they believe, sparks creativity and changes perspectives upon returning home. Read all about it here.

Photographer Wendy Newman, Take a Bow

Photographer and designer Wendy Newman’s intricately layered mandalas printed on umbrellas and other textiles have long been lauded for their beauty and style.  Newman has created new designs featuring the art of Tamara de Lempicka that is taking the art deco world by storm and can be found in several museums, one being the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Her pieces make memorable take-homes from their outstanding Tamara de Lempicka exhibits. Additionally, Lempicka’s story and art will be center stage in a musical at the Longacre Theatre in NYC beginning March 19.

Lempika Umbrella Design

One of our favorite umbrella’s from Wendy features historic buildings of Asheville! See more at wendynewmandesigns.com

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