Justin Breitzke: Crafting Wholeness Through Mixed Media

Justin Breitzke's journey from carpentry to mixed media art reflects resilience, experimentation, and the transformative power of creativity.

Justin Breitzke: Crafting Wholeness Through Mixed Media

This featured artist is part of Artsville's Virtual Gallery of Art spring cohort. Participants benefit from three months of marketing and mentorship to educate and equip them to continue to pursue their craft. Witness their creations firsthand at the Artsville exhibit at the Ferguson Family YMCA in Candler until May 31. Additionally, explore their crafts at Craft in the Courtyard on Thursday, April 25, from 5-7 pm, located at 18 Brook Street in Biltmore Village. This event is co-hosted by Artsville, Wink Salon, Further Boutique, and FIG Bistro.

Justin Breitzke, an artisan equally adept in the finesse of woodworking and the strokes of a paintbrush, has traversed the intricate landscapes of inspiration throughout his lifetime. Despite his initial hesitance to embrace the mantle of "artist," his journey resonates profoundly with his steadfast commitment to the pursuit of creative expression.  While Justin may come off as quiet and unassuming initially, he opens up when talking about his work.  The breadth of his collective knowledge and the vision he holds for bringing it all together was inspiring during his interview with Artsville.

“Floodlines” Mixed Media (canvas, thread, wood, paint) 22” x 11.5” x 1.5” $500.00

From his earliest forays into creativity, Justin sought solace in the exploration of diverse mediums. However, it was the allure of carpentry that truly resonated with his artistic sensibilities. From the meticulous restoration of historical artifacts to the painstaking craftsmanship of furniture, Justin discovered a haven within the functional elegance of woodworking.

A pivotal moment arose when a back injury precipitated a transformative juncture in Justin's artistic odyssey. Confronted with the arduous process of recovery, he turned to painting as both a cathartic outlet and a means of self-expression. Yet, compelled by an innate desire to construct and shape, Justin found the confines of the canvas limiting. Thus emerged the "Stitched Canvas Series"—a synthesis of wood, canvas, thread, and paint—a testament to resilience and renewal.

Each meticulously composed piece served as a mirror reflecting Justin's journey towards holistic restoration. Embracing experimentation as his guiding muse, Justin ventured into uncharted territories of creativity, exploring the nuanced interplay of materials and vision.

Justin Breitzke

From the geometric precision of silk screens to the rustic allure of pallet wood, Justin's artistic evolution stands as a testament to the transformative power of raw materials and creative vision. Through his meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication, he demonstrates the boundless potential inherent within the convergence of craftsmanship and imagination.

You can find Justin’s art at our Virtual Gallery or on Instagram. To contact him directly for sales or collaborations, please email justinbreitzke@gmail.com.