Misty Kelischek


My paintings are whispered secrets into a trusted friend’s ear.

I’ll tell you the story of what happened when no one else was looking. 

I’ve seen a moment that was evidence of magic or God while I was alone in the dark, wrapped in velvety night. I’ll share with you.

I’ll write it all down on canvas. My pencil is brush, paint, metal and canvas. 

I’ll tell you that the things worthy of worship often go unseen. 

I’ll say “I think we have gotten lost in this new world while we were distracted. I hope we can navigate through.”.

It’s my blessing and my curse to pull back the curtain and put what matters in the spotlight. It’s your job, reader and viewer, to lean in and verify that it’s true. Do pay attention, as the moment is fleeting.


Misty Kelischek is best known for her bubbles.

Her self-proclaimed style of “Magical Realism” is brought to life on canvas with a variety of acrylic and oil paints combined with gold, copper, and silver leaf.  

Growing up in Appalachia in an era that was devoid of technology, she spent her time in nature or church. Her appreciation of the natural world combined with the church’s teachings influences the imagery that is her signature style.  

She began painting in 2002, after admiring the expressive paintings at a folk-art gallery beside her office. Until then, she was oblivious to powerful emotions that surface when viewing real art. For her, the folk-art genre made painting approachable and accessible.  

Today, she has refined her processes, resulting in luxurious, modern pieces. She’s shown at galleries, participates in juried art fairs and connects with collectors through social media.