October’s Featured Artists: Explore Art through Intricate Jewelry, Captivating Textiles, and Ethereal Paintings

Explore the creative journeys of three exceptional artists from WNC. Wendy Newman's transition from fashion and photography to mandala art, Elizabeth Walton's interpretation of nature through metal jewelry, and Amy Massey's integration of diverse life experiences into her artwork. These artists' ...

October’s Featured Artists: Explore Art through Intricate Jewelry, Captivating Textiles, and Ethereal Paintings

Mandala Textiles by Wendy Newman

Wendy's lifelong passion for fashion and photography began at age eight when she was gifted her first camera and a sewing machine. Despite limited resources, she maximized her creative potential. After earning a degree in Fashion Design from Miami International University of Art and Design, she spent 45 years as a photographer and fashion designer. Her journey brought her to Asheville, where her two passions intersected when she began creating mesmerizing mandalas from images of iconic buildings. This unique art form quickly gained acclaim, earning her orders from prestigious clients like Biltmore Estate and New Morning Gallery.

An afternoon spent with Wendy Newman in her studio was as vibrant as her art.

Today, Wendy's mandala art has evolved into a thriving clothing and umbrella line, available in various high-end stores and museums. She has also embraced 3D kaleidoscopic designs that come to life when viewed through special glasses. Beyond her creative pursuits, Wendy's dedication to sharing knowledge shines through in her teaching roles at various educational institutions, reflecting her commitment to fostering artistic talent.

Biltmore Estate Umbrella (interior) by Wendy Newman

Contact Wendy:

IG https://www.instagram.com/wendynewmandesigns/

FB https://www.facebook.com/wendynewmandesigns

Website https://wendynewmandesigns.com/

Nature Inspired Wearable Art by Elizabeth Walton

Elizabeth Walton, hailing from Asheville, NC, crafts jewelry as an artistic interpreter of nature's beauty. Armed with a BFA from Appalachian State University, she refined her skills through workshops at Penland School of Craft and Haystack Mountain School of Craft. An Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts residency further enriched her artistic journey, and she will be teaching there in 2024.

Elizabeth Walton creates her art in her home studio with a smile on her face.

Metal is her canvas; it's an ode to the intricate systems of nature. She fuses geometry with organic growth patterns seen in plants breaking through concrete or roots conquering sidewalks. Starting with simple shapes, her art evolves into complexity through replication and layering. The art of crafting with metal challenges her to work intentionally, joining a rich tradition of craftsmanship that values skill and an understanding of the materials.

Red Ren Jewelry, by Elizabeth Walton, offers a wide variety of wearable art.

But there's more to her jewelry than aesthetics. Elizabeth sees it as a bridge between the creator and wearer, a means to share the wonder she's found in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her creations are imbued with the same sense of awe and comfort she experiences in WNC. It's jewelry with a deeper connection to the world around us.

Contact Elizabeth

Website: redrenjewlery.com

Instagram: @redrenjewlery

Evoking Emotions by Amy Massey

Amy Massey, a multi-talented creative, seamlessly weaves her diverse life experiences into her art. Amy initially delved into the world of photography, seeking to capture the essence of people and places intimately.  Amy's post-college escapades took her to Oregon, where she cultivated her distinctive body of work, "Dimensions of Intimacy." This collection emerged from her travels and a profound exploration of the emotional landscapes that inhabit our surroundings. In 2014, Amy relocated to Asheville, NC, where she embarked on a career in massage therapy, giving rise to her current masterpiece, "Portals and Passages."

Amy Massey at her art studio off Charlotte Street in Asheville

In "Portals and Passages," Amy crafts delicate, ethereal vignettes on watercolor paper using watercolor and gouache. Her work delves into the elusive dynamics of relationships, the intricate tapestry of the human emotional journey, and the profound healing energy she encounters as a massage therapist. Her art strikes a harmonious balance between composition and dynamic movement, achieved through the dance among lines, shapes, and colors. Many of her creations are designed to nurture and create a sacred space, inviting viewers to introspect and find solace within them.

Amy’s “Ephemerality” art piece hangs in her massage studio creating a quiet, reflective nook.

Amy Massey's art serves as a testament to her remarkable ability to infuse the intangible and emotional into tangible, visual expressions. Her journey from photography to painting and her experiences as a massage therapist converge seamlessly in her work, creating an enchanting narrative that captivates and inspires.

Contact Amy

Website: amygmassey.com

Instagram/FB: @amymasseystudio

Email: amygmassey@gmail.com

Phone number: 412-818-1623

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