Rebecca Horne

"I'm compelled to make art.  It's something I must do.  It's a spiritual experience for me.  I feel like I'm working to connect to something divine and express the experience on canvas."

Rebecca is a contemporary abstract mixed media artist based in West Columbia, S.C.  Her passion and curiosity for art began as a child whose father was an artist.  She has explored many mediums throughout her life such as, oil, watercolors, landscapes, still life and pet portraits. 

In 2018, Rebecca discovered abstract mixed media art and has passionately embraced it as the style of art that evokes and liberates her creative spirit.  Feeling this type of art allows her to have full creative freedom when she works, Rebecca is constantly experimenting and looking for ideas to make her art unique and beautiful . 

Her process is somewhat different from most mixed media artists.  She starts with the texture medium or in some cases several different mediums and incorporates them with embellishments while still wet.  Once dry, she'll paint and if needed, add another layer or two of texture.  This is a lengthy process and can take several weeks of work.  The result is a  multidimensional yet graceful and elegantly unique piece of art that captures the viewers imagination. 

Rebecca's vision has been recognized internationally through juried shows, exhibitions and publications.