Sherry Masters: Bridging the Gap Between Artists and Art Enthusiasts [Ep20]

Today, you’ll learn more about the art tours that Sherry Masters organizes with Art Connections and why she believes it’s important to humanize the arts.

Sherry Masters: Bridging the Gap Between Artists and Art Enthusiasts [Ep20]

If you’re listening to this podcast, you already know that art brings beauty and joy into our lives, but it can also bring us closer as we learn about it together and share experiences. This is the objective that Sherry Masters had in mind when she created Art Connections, an Asheville-based business designed to bring art enthusiasts and artists together through art consultation and studio tours.

Sherry founded Art Connections in 2013 to act as a bridge between those who are interested in art and the many highly-skilled artists in Asheville who create paintings, textile art, glassware, ceramics, sculptures, and more. As a native Ashevillan, Sherry intimately understands the phenomenal impact of these cultural art practices, and her 30 years of experience have allowed her to gain the trust of not only the local creative community but the visitors it attracts too.

Sherry Masters art tour.
Art Connections tour to Robert Stephan. (Photo/Sherry Masters)
Sherry Masters art tour.
Art Connections tour to Barbara Zaretsky. (Photo/Sherry Masters)

Tuning in today, you’ll learn more about the unique tours that Sherry organizes and why she believes it’s important to humanize the arts by facilitating these types of exchanges. She also shares some local recommendations, sheds light on her personal relationship with the arts, and more. Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned collector, Sherry can help you make informed selections and transform your space by including original artwork. Be sure to tune in to find out how!

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In Today’s Episode

Sherry Masters discusses...

  • Why you should seek Art Connections out next time you’re in Asheville
  • Where her love for art and making things originated
  • The inspiration behind her decision to “be a bridge” between artists and art enthusiasts
  • Examples of some of the personalized art tour experiences that she curates
  • Reflecting on the importance of humanizing and demystifying the arts
  • Insight into the art consultation and advisory services that she provides
  • How she navigates the unique needs and budgets of different collectors
  • Recommended artists if you are looking to purchase a piece of glass art
  • The fundamental influence of institutions like the Penland School of Craft
  • A look at her personal art practice, which is primarily concerned with textiles
  • The creativity that is required to make these “art connections” between people

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