Sue Dolamore

Artist Statement:

I find the one constant in my work is experimentation.   Whether changing genre, technique or process, pushing the edges is exhilarating to me. I am curious about what more is possible.  I  continually feel that I could have done better, because that is true and it always will be.  We live in and are a part of an infinitely expanding universe.  There is no “done”.  It is about the process. 

When I first started painting, my perception was primitive.

With each painting I create, I am faced with fears and then enlightened moments.  Bit by bit, my articulation is more refined. 

I have evolved through visual expression.  It is a powerful way of saying something that is vastly different from using words. With the impact of color, line and composition,  I convey emotion and relationships, position and contrast.   What is fascinating, is how this can also transfer to other parts of life and equally, how it resonates with others who are on this journey of life along with me.  Art and self expression are catalysts for creation, evolution and human healing. Art is love.  

Artist Bio

Sue Dolamore picked up a paintbrush when her youngest daughter finished high school in 2014 and has been painting regularly ever since.  She began plein air painting weekly with a small group of local artists and eventually played a role in building a community of plein air painters which grew from a dozen to nearly 400! 

Under Sue’s leadership, the group painted scenes in the Asheville area weekly for over 5 years.  Through the regular interaction with many accomplished artists in this organization, Sue’s skills improved rapidly and it was not long before people were asking to acquire her pieces.   Since opening a studio in the River Arts District in the summer of 2019, Sue focuses increasingly on her painting both in the studio and has also been sharing her skills since Fall of 2022, teaching at the John C Campbell Folk School, Montreat Retreat and Conference Center, Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community, Givens Estates and other locations around the Asheville area.   She now has a growing number of fans, students and collectors enjoying her work.  Her studio is located in the Warehouse Studios at 170 Lyman St. Suite #3, upstairs.  


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