The Artistry of Cynthia Llanes Spans All Mediums

The Artistry of Cynthia Llanes Spans All Mediums

In the bustling heart of Manila, Philippines, a young Cynthia Llanes discovered her passion for art, sketching intricate designs for her dolls' clothing. This childhood fascination bloomed into a lifelong journey of creativity and expression that has taken her across continents and through various artistic mediums.

Cynthia Llanes_Azaleas in Bloom, oil, 11 x 14"_$425

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Cynthia ventured into the vibrant world of textile design in the famed Los Angeles fashion district. Her innovative textile creations soon found their way into the collections of renowned retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom, captivating fashion enthusiasts nationwide.

Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry, Cynthia's heart remained tethered to the world of painting. Her deep-seated love for the canvas led her to immerse herself in the eclectic art scene of Los Angeles, where she became a fixture in juried shows and exhibitions for over two decades. Her works, imbued with vibrant colors and dynamic textures, found homes in private collections across the United States.

Cynthia Llanes, Summer's Glow, Oil, 11h x 14w

However, it was a move to the serene landscapes of the Blue Ridge mountains in Asheville that marked a significant turning point in Cynthia's artistic journey. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature, she found a renewed sense of inspiration that infused her work with a newfound expressiveness. Her paintings, now tinged with the magic of the mountains, reflect a bold departure towards expressionism, while still retaining the essence of impressionistic charm.

Color and texture dance harmoniously across Cynthia's canvases, inviting viewers into a world where even the most ordinary subjects exude extraordinary allure. Her vibrant palette, characterized by pure, bright hues and bold brushstrokes, pays homage to the legacies of Impressionism and Expressionism, creating compositions that are as captivating as they are evocative.

Cynthia Llanes in her Studio

For those eager to experience Cynthia's artistry firsthand, her gallery and studio await exploration in Asheville's River Arts District, nestled within the picturesque River View Station at 191 Lyman St. (STUDIO 324). Additionally, her works can be found adorning the walls of the esteemed New Morning Gallery in Biltmore Village, offering art enthusiasts multiple avenues to immerse themselves in her captivating creations. You can also connect with Cynthia on Instagram and through her website.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Cynthia finds joy in travel, ballroom dancing, and hiking along the scenic trails of the Blue Ridge mountains. These diverse passions enrich her creativity, infusing her work with a vitality and spirit that resonates deeply with audiences far and wide.