Infinite Horizons: A Journey Through Sue Dolamore's Creative Universe

Sue Dolamore's art is a journey of boundless experimentation, reflecting human emotion and connection, fostering creation and healing.

Infinite Horizons: A Journey Through Sue Dolamore's Creative Universe

This featured artist is part of Artsville's Virtual Gallery of Art spring cohort. Participants benefit from three months of marketing and mentorship to educate and equip them to continue to pursue their craft. Witness their creations firsthand at the Artsville exhibit at the Ferguson Family YMCA in Candler until May 31. Additionally, explore their crafts at Craft in the Courtyard on Thursday, April 25, from 5-7 pm, located at 18 Brook Street in Biltmore Village. This event is co-hosted by Artsville, Wink Salon, Further Boutique, and FIG Bistro.

In the vibrant tapestry of artistic expression, Sue Dolamore weaves a narrative of perpetual exploration and evolution. Rooted in the ethos of experimentation, her artistic journey transcends brushstrokes to captivate the viewer’s heart and imagination. Sue’s creative odyssey is characterized by an insatiable curiosity, a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. Each stroke of her brush is a declaration that complacency has no place in the lexicon of her artistry. From genre to technique, from process to perception, she ventures into the unknown.

“Sacred Fire”/ giclee on canvas/30 x 40/$1100

Yet, amidst the juxtapositions of strong lines and abstract ideas, Sue finds clarity. Through the medium of visual art, Sue pushes past the limitations of language, delving deep into the realm of emotion and relationships, of position and contrast. Her canvases become mirrors reflecting the kaleidoscope of human experience, resonating with fellow travelers on the journey of life. In her interview with Artsville, Sue glowed with enthusiasm walking through her thought process for specific pieces and sharing about the spiritual practices and prompts that have led to the creation of her work.

Her art is a catalyst for creation, evolution, and healing. In the delicate interplay of color and composition, she finds the transformative power of self-expression. Art, for Sue, is not merely a product but a process—a journey of self-discovery and connection to the world around her. As admirers peruse her collection, from the whimsical hues of "A Fanciful World" to the intimate beauty of "Lotus in Fuschia," they are invited into Sue’s world—a world where art is not just a product but a manifestation of love and possibility.

Her studio, nestled in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District, is a sanctuary of creativity and community. Here, amidst the ebb and flow of inspiration, Sue welcomes fellow artists and enthusiasts, fostering a culture of collaboration and growth. From plein air painting to teaching at renowned institutions, Sue’s influence extends far beyond the confines of her studio walls. With each stroke of her brush and each lesson shared, she leaves an indelible mark on the artistic landscape of Asheville and beyond.

To find more of Sue’s work, visit her at our virtual gallery, her website, or on Facebook and Instagram.