October 2023 Roundup: NEW Virtual Gallery Launches, Travelogue Goes West, Hilloween, and MORE!

October 2023 Roundup: NEW Virtual Gallery Launches, Travelogue Goes West, Hilloween, and MORE!

October 2023 Roundup: NEW Virtual Gallery Launches, Travelogue Goes West, Hilloween, and MORE!

Trees are shedding their vibrant leaves and the winds are whipping in the change of seasons. As Mother Nature prepares for slumber, Artsville is waking up to new adventures. Our first group of Virtual Gallery artists launched this month and we’re highlighting three exceptional artists this month. Louise takes us west, exploring art and culture in cities across Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. October’s podcast features Gina Phillips and her endeavors with Hilloween. Grab a blanket, get cozy, and enjoy these captivating articles.

Artsville’s Virtual Gallery

October 16th heralded the launch of the Virtual Gallery of Artists (VGA) here at Artsville. This fall, VGA features nine artists across a variety of mediums and showcases the breadth of talent that resides here in WNC. The gallery offers exposure and education, while taking ZERO commission on sales. Check out the introductory article here, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for interactive updates on our creators, and APPLY HERE if you’d like to participate in future groups!

Artsville Artists: Top: Elizabeth Walton/Middle: Amy Massey/Bottom: Wendy Newman

Explore the creative journeys of three exceptional artists from WNC. Wendy Newman's transition from fashion and photography to mandala art, Elizabeth Walton's interpretation of nature through metal jewelry, and Amy Massey's integration of diverse life experiences into her artwork. These artists' unique paths offer insights into our diverse WNC arts scene. Read more here.

Travelogue: Artsville Travels West for Creative Culture Building Communities

Travel with Artsville to Abingdon, Lexington, Nashville, and more! Artsville finds diverse art celebrating culture and community scattered across beloved cities. Read more about Louise’s adventures here.

Children’s Space and Outstanding Exhibits at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati

Hilloween: A Mechanism for Unity with Gina Phillips

Learn about 'Hilloween', an event that amplifies Mitchell County, North Carolina's strong arts heritage and unifies the community. Hear from Gina Phillips, a dear friend of Artsville and someone who has played an integral part in the growth and development of Mitchell County, North Carolina. Gina’s commitments to the Penland School of Craft, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and rural education efforts in Mitchell County helped birth the idea for Hilloween, a countywide event that unites several areas over something we all love: spooky season! Listen here.

Artsville’s October Podcast with Gina Phillips

A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others. —Salvador Dalí

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Art Connections with Sherry Masters
Hilloween with Gina Phillips


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